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Petts Wood Cockers colombia, robert
Petts Wood Cockers colombia, robert



When Robert came to our home 2 years ago, he was a beautiful black male, with a beautiful head impossible not to admire, from the first moment he stood out both for his movement and his quality.

Today MULTI BISS PERI’S PERCI affectionately ROBERT is a Cocker admired and recognized throughout America, for his beauty, for his show, for his charisma and for that special attitude that characterizes him in every moment of his life.

Expressive and playful as a puppy, he fills our hearts with joy and enthusiasm when he starts with that happy movement that characterizes a dog that feels happy.

His handler Christian Panduro and Robert are an inseparable and unbeatable combination.

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18 Best in Show – 11 in Colombia and 7 abroad / The best ambassador of Colombia abroad and Reserved of Americas & the Caribbean The best of his race in Latin America year 2010

Spectacular campaign year 2010
Robert the most winning dog of all breeds in Colombia