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Petts Wood Cockers

With love and a lot of effort the idea of having our kennel was growing little by little always with the objective of having the best dogs in the best possible conditions. At the moment we have wide and technically planned facilities for the specific care of the American Cocker Spaniel breed, but also thinking about an active and healthy life for the dogs where they can exercise and have good time outdoors without their coat getting dirty or damaged.

A Long History

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More than 45 years ago we started our love for this beautiful American Cocker Spaniel breed.

We began like many people, casually buying a cocker dog that we thought was very cute, but then little by little we understood that it was not exactly the best representative of its breed. 

We attended one or two exhibitions and we improved our dogs a little, but then we were very lucky to meet a Cuban judge, Pedro River (q.e.p.d.) who helped us to understand the advantages and the pleasure of having a magnificent Cocker, he helped us to get Lamar’s, Luxury Champagne, a 6-month-old female puppy, which immediately gave us many triumphs and many satisfactions in the exhibitions. The breeders of “Mona” Mr. Lamar and Elaine Mathis, breeders and judges of this breed, became for many years our teachers and friends and next to them we met many other breeders who supported and trusted us as breeders, allowing us to bring magnificent dogs from USA. The breed at that time grew a lot in Colombia and became known for its magnificent quality.

The Kennel

The acquisition of our specimens for breeding has taken a long time and has been carefully planned by choosing the best of the breeders in the USA, Mexico, Peru and Argentina. We breed relatively little with the intention of improving what we already have, waiting as always for the perfect dog of this beautiful and beloved breed. We currently have three varieties with specimens that have given us much satisfaction on the tracks and in their daily lives as companions and friends

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